Keynote Topics, Workshops

(Designed for Professional Associations)

By: L. Melanie Chase, PhD, MPA, SHRM-CP


Group Process Design/Facilitation:

☐ Making Meetings Work: Group Facilitation Essentials (1.5 hr., one day)

From the basics of planning, to designing for the reasons why people meet, to engaging participants and handling disruptions, dominators and derailers, meetings work when done and facilitated right! It’s how we get work done, how we strengthen teams, build trust and more! Target Audience: Refresher on Group Process and Meeting Basics

☐ Essential, Versatile Methods for Engaging Groups (1.5 hr., one day)

Looking for ways to truly engage employee and stakeholder groups during large in-person or virtual meetings? Experience a demonstration of essential and versatile facilitation tools/methods that can be used with minimal preparation–even on the fly–for a variety of purposes; practice with the tools/methods for your purposes! Target Audience: Facilitators of Large Group Meetings


Change Management and Organizational Effectiveness/Development:

☐ Simplifying Change Management for Accelerating Change (1.5 hr. or 2 hr., 3 hr. one or three day)

Change is accelerating, and it’s time to simplify change management! Join us if you are interested in practical, simple take-aways about the what, when and how of change management, in less time with more clarity (condensing and crystalizing from research, training and practice). This workshop focuses on reinforcing change efforts, making change easier, and on when and how to deploy practical change management supports and facilitation tools for engaging stakeholders in learning and discovery throughout different stages of change. Target Audience: All change managers/influencers/facilitators

☐ Organizational Culture Change (1.5 hr. or 2 hr., 3 hr.)

Culture change typically takes years. Consider the different options/approaches and ways to strengthen reinforcement and change adoption, types of cultures, and ways to engage employees and change leaders for greater agility and influence in changing. With practical tools and case studies, identify the approach best for your organization. Target Audience: Professionals Identifying Options/Approaches

☐ A Systems Approach to Organizational Change (1.5 hr.)

Using a holistic, systems view to understand the metrics that are meaningful for your organization’s effectiveness, this session will explore the balance of metrics across leadership, governance, clients/ stakeholder groups, SMART goals and internal operations to support alignment and sustain focus. Drawing from the balanced scorecard and a whole systems approach, we will consider the criteria of your mission, vision, values and goals to guide you in selecting meaningful measures. Target Audience: Program Staff, Strategic Planners and Organizational Effectiveness Leaders/Influencers