Evaluation: Focusing on and Measuring What Matters

⇒Are we strategic about our investments in evaluation?
⇒Who are our stakeholders and what do they want to know about our programs, outcomes, impact?
⇒Can we afford to answer the questions we have about impact on populations or groups served?
⇒How will we manage the data collection and interpretation internally?
⇒How do we integrate evaluation results with planning and performance management cycles?
Evaluation & Demonstrating Results

In these economic times, demands for increasing accountability of the public sector, for demonstrating impact in the nonprofit sector, and, ROI and results in the private sector, drives the need for applied research and practical, manageable evaluation methods.  We work with your organization’s current evaluation capacity to develop and execute manageable plans and prepare evaluation reports that inform action, continuous improvement, and sustainable change.

Facilitating Program Focus with Logic Models

Purpose: To provide a facilitated, structured process for identifying key elements of program evaluation logic models to ensure alignment, understanding and collective focus.

Program/Outcome Evaluation

Purpose: To provide assistance in demonstrating results, clarifying the purpose and audience for the evaluation, resources for conducting an evaluation, methods for collecting data, and to offer tools and options on formative or summative evaluation approaches, including: objectives-oriented, management-oriented, consumer-oriented, expertise-oriented, participant-oriented and alternative approaches, including appreciative inquiry-oriented approaches.

Impact Evaluation

Purpose: To provide pre and post-test design and other methods for demonstrating learning transfer, application on the job or role, and longer-term organizational or community impacts with community partners or without.

Performance Measurement

Purpose: To provide assistance in identifying appropriate measures for process or program outputs, outcomes and/or return on investment (ROI).



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