Change Management

We are not going to spend weeks planning change. Change is happening, scheduled, ready or not. 

You are called to lead it, with the resources, staff or not. We are swimming in a sea of change, demands, global supply chains, changing workforce demographics, new technologies, shifting resources, new expectations from customers and stakeholders.

We partner with you (and your change/project teams) to deploy practical change management tools, tactics and strategies for what you encounter at the right time.

Drawing from a distillation of best practices research and the essential practical tools across CM methodologies (Prosci, CAP/WorkOut, and/or working with tools and methods your organization is already accustomed to),

we demystify change management together.

From leadership communication messaging guidance to match the stage of change, clarity about the best overarching strategy for your situation, specific steps and tactics (from training, to coaching, to organizational levers you can switch to reinforce change), we demystify change management–together–to get you results in less time with less complexity.

Option 1: Coaching/Advising and Do-It-Yourself

We partner with your leaders in a coaching/advising capacity related specifically to leading change using change management practices and tools.

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Option 2: Partnering and Facilitating Agreement on Your Approach

We facilitate a series of group meetings to establish the change management process and set of tools that your organization can agree upon going forward.

More on the types of facilitation methods here:

Option 3:Training and Capacity Building on Our Approach (Or Yours)

We build capacity for change management with a number of training options, drawing on our simplified approach to change management, or we custom design or refer you to the right learning solution for your change management process and set of tools.

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Option 4: Assessing/Surveying the Organization on Its Readiness for Change

We surface the motivation for action and for approaching change management differently with data, by assessing change readiness as part of culture change and ongoing continuous improvement.

More on our proprietary assessment:

  • The SCOR-Q8 Survey assesses a readiness foundation—an ideal state of organizational culture or system-wide climate that is ready for change: more adaptable, resilient, and change agile. The Survey is a diagnostic tool and guide for building organization-wide capacity for managing change. It identifies specific gaps in change readiness for consultants and managers, and provides focus for strengthening the readiness foundation for change management efforts in areas of: communication, understanding of pressures for change, past experience with and confidence in change sustainability, overcoming resistance to change, leadership support, and more.
  •  The Survey is a 44-item questionnaire containing eight subscales for each of the proven practices or solutions for managing change and organizational readiness. The questionnaire takes approximately 10 – 20 minutes to complete, and is designed to be completed by all organization or community members (if adapted for that system level).   Members may complete it either electronically or in person via an audience response system if the large group readiness for change method is being facilitated. Reliability and validity were demonstrated (specifics available), and the Survey factors were found to contribute almost 30% to organizational performance.