Assessments/Surveys, Focus Groups, Interviews (Data Collection)

When you have a need to understand the current state with objective (or subjective) data, (with surveys, focus groups or interviews for example), you need expert professionals. Ensure credibility, accurate data with minimal measurement errors, and an objective, strategic lens so that investments in data collection will indeed get you closer to your goals, narrow the performance gap intended, and help you realize the desired future state (not just add more complexity, cycle time, and cost).

Stop the assumptions and get the facts.
  • Needs assessments
  • Underlying root causes for performance gaps
  • Custom-designed surveys, administered online by an outside firm
  • Customer/stakeholder/employee feedback
Options for gathering data include those listed below.
  • Focus Groups
  • Structured Interviews (including Appreciative Inquiry approaches)
  • Survey Design and Analysis (including demonstrating statistical evidence for validity and reliability, if needed)
  • Multi-Rater/360 Feedback, Team, Individual/Leadership Assessments


For Change Readiness and Culture Change:
  • The SCOR-Q8 Survey assesses a readiness foundation—an ideal state of organizational culture or system-wide climate that is ready for change: more adaptable, resilient, and change agile. The Survey is a diagnostic tool and guide for building organization-wide capacity for managing change. It identifies specific gaps in change readiness for consultants and managers, and provides focus for strengthening the readiness foundation for change management efforts in areas of: communication, understanding of pressures for change, past experience with and confidence in change sustainability, overcoming resistance to change, leadership support, and more.
  •  The Survey is a 44-item questionnaire containing eight subscales for each of the proven practices or solutions for managing change and organizational readiness. The questionnaire takes approximately 10 – 20 minutes to complete, and is designed to be completed by all organization or community members (if adapted for that system level).   Members may complete it either electronically or in person via an audience response system if the large group readiness for change method is being facilitated. Reliability and validity were demonstrated (specifics available), and the Survey factors were found to contribute almost 30% to organizational performance.