⇒Where do we make priority investments in continuous improvement based on desired business outcomes?
⇒How do we manage the risk of poor implementation and adoption?
⇒How do we actively engage our leaders and the entire organization in the change process?
⇒How do we align and reinforce our change and improvement efforts across the organization?

We build on a base of proven practices for developing organizations. While we work across all levels with experience in a range of organizational development and effectiveness solutions, we focus on what works to move the end dial of priority business outcomes–“results-driven organizational development.” People support what they help to create, and when it comes to navigating change and performance improvement, having a compass and designing the map gives them much more confidence than not. Whether driven by technology implementations, a new strategic direction, new leadership, business processes, service/product mix and/or responses to a dramatically changing external landscape, our proven solutions in partnership with you and others are designed to build capacity and ensure sustainable change.

Below is an overview of the process for contracting with us:
  1. Consultation and presenting needs discussion (phone, Skype or in-person if there is a group); (Individual leaders commonly opt to work with Dr. Chase with change leadership coaching and advising first to explore what they can do themselves and/or do by developing others in the organization).
  2. Needs assessment (drawing on available data or newly collected data, but objective findings that identify the current state of the performance problem and opportunity)
  3. Scope of work defined, proposal and agreement
  4. Kick-off meeting with key stakeholders/staff/team members/board
  5. Implementation
  6. Evaluation
More on organization development and performance improvement options here:


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