For Change Managers, Leaders and Sponsors

⇒Are you a change leader, with or without direct reports, who could benefit from a coach and advisor experienced in change management?
⇒Are you asked to change more and do more with less resources?
⇒Are you ready to demystify change management and apply practical tools that work for your specific organizational change initiative and situation?

We are not going to spend weeks planning change, change is happening, scheduled, ready or not. You are called to lead it, with the resources, staff or not. We are swimming in a sea of change, demands, global supply chains, changing workforce demographics, new technologies, shifting resources, new expectations from customers and stakeholders.

You could accomplish more with less stress, more clarity, confidence and broader influence with a confidential strategist, sounding board and thought partner to coach and advise you.

Across all stages of change, smart, talented managers and leaders are navigating change, improving their effectiveness and key performance indicators, mobilizing support, realizing a vision and doing their day jobs, with less stress and more focus. Leaders have so many demands, areas of expertise and leadership competency they are called to demonstrate and live every day. They recognize how to develop and empower others, build influence, and how to get the help and job done with others, not alone. Whether you have a team of direct reports or several departments under your direction, or are navigating change leadership on your own only with the influence and support of your network and colleagues, there’s a better way to build sustainable change: Develop your change leadership, expand your change management toolkit, and strategize your approach first working with Dr. L. Melanie Chase as your change strategist/thought partner/advisor.

It’s time to experience yourself and your impact as an influential leader with a fresh set of change management and leadership tools (and eyes) to guide you in your situation.

More on my approach:

  1. Start with you as a change leader, with context setting and the broader perspective of your current strengths for the specific organizational change you are being called to lead or sponsor (focusing on the leadership strengths needed to get the job done–using what is already known about you, and other applicable and practical leadership competency assessments).
  2. Deploy practical change management tools, tactics and strategies for what you encounter at the right time. From leadership communication messaging guidance to match the stage of change, clarity about the best overarching strategy for your situation, specific steps and tactics (from training, to coaching, to organizational levers you can switch in your favor), we demystify change management–together–to get you results in less time with less complexity.

This is a very customized, 1:1 coaching and advising relationship specifically designed for leading organizational change initiatives, typically encompassing one (1) to six (6) months in duration with sessions on-site, off-site or virtually depending on needs and preferences.

Pricing is for the individual leader/contributor (contact us for more info. on large enterprise options).

Email Melanie at or call 971-266-1380 for more information. 

Program Description, Change Leadership Coaching and Advising 2018 Revised