Dr. L. Melanie Chase has been coaching leaders as sponsors of organizational change and development initiatives, and developing/facilitating learning experiences, since 1996. She draws from her education and coaching training to facilitate discovery and empowerment; and other times, acts as more of an advisor and partner on:

⇒Change management and strategic organizational development initiatives for change leaders (with or without direct reports)
⇒Curriculum and learning design elements for thought leaders/subject matter experts (coaches, other professionals who are not grounded in learning/training/facilitating)


Bottom line: Organizational (and behavior) change is essentially about learning.


Each client is a collaborative partner, defining the scope of the engagement, and preferences about how we work together: for advisement (expert telling/consulting) or coaching (facilitating discovery), since most adults don’t learn by taking advice but by discovering for themselves, building on what they already know. This is the balance and art of coaching and consulting/advising to meet your clients where they are as leaders.

As a coach and advisor, Melanie works with change leaders to:
  1. Clarify the scope of organizational change
  2. Determine the best strategy for leading and sponsoring change across the stages of change and within their organization (or community)
  3. Communicate across the stages of change what’s most important through each stage
  4. Lead at each stage of change from your most powerful self, with clear messaging that is proven to be effective at each stage of change
  5. Build support, reach and momentum for the change initiatives you are leading
  6. Engage your organization with powerful yet simple group facilitation methods
  7. Be prepared with simple, actionable plans and change management tools
  8. Assess needs for training, coaching, and communication to reinforce and ensure that change is sustainable and effectively implemented


Melanie also has deep experience in curriculum development, experiential learning, workshop design and group facilitation. She draws from that experience to coach and advise other  professionals with subject matter expertise they want to share.

As a coach and advisor, Melanie works with thought leaders with subject matter expertise to share their brilliance by:
  1. Defining learning objectives and pre-workshop/learning event needs assessments, surveys, pre-tests and/or post-tests
  2. Developing a mix of experiential learning activities and participative methods that appeals to all learning styles while complementing the subject area
  3. Facilitation tips and methods for ensuring an engaging, memorable experience
  4. Ensuring that program design is focused on what your audience needs
  5. Surfacing clarity about niche, strengths and expertise so you can deliver your subject matter expertise with confidence



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