Organization, Workgroup/Team Strategic Planning

Why do strategic planning?

Typically organizations, community groups, associations, departments undertake strategic planning as a reboot, recharge for a new year, opportunity to clarify priorities and responsibilities, external threats, strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, much more.

The days of 10-or 15-year strategic plans may be over, but the need to plan and think strategically never gets outdated.
What’s the focus and true need?

With established organizations, it is continuous improvement. Let’s keep it that simple, and narrow the focus to what matters and what is within scope to change and improve, and what is going to make a different on the outcomes/performance measures and targets intended (hopefully informed by some objective data or information).

Yes, certainly, newly forming organizations, established ones with new staff/boards/management need strategic planning, and there are variations of annual work plans, project action plans, that meet needs at different maturity levels.

Some of the key questions strategic planning can answer include:
  • Why are we in business?
  • How do we do business?
  • Where are we now? In terms of our external environment (competitors, regulatory issues), our customers/clients or the population(s) we serve.
  • Where do we want to be?
  • How can we get there?
  • How will we know we’ve arrived?
  • Are we S.M.A.R.T. with our goals?
  • What should we stop doing and why?

There are also other planning approaches such as strategy maps, program evaluation logic models, action planning, change management planning and implementation, performance measurement, roles and responsibilities clarification, and more that may get you the results desired alternatively.

Let’s get clear about what is the target level for improvement before you invest in strategic planning (and spend time engaging staff in doing so).

  • Organizational level strategic priorities overall
  • Board governance or leadership level
  • Programmatic level
  • Departmental staff level
  • How the external environment (competition, customers, regulators) informs our plans and priorities
  • Strategic initiative implementation overall
  • Sustainable funding/budgets for programs (making the case for more money)

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Strategic Planning May Be the Right Investment, if you are:

  • Interested in engaging staff or community stakeholders/partners in formulating long-range plans
  • Building staff commitment and accountability for implementing long-range plans and realizing results
  • Ready to build champions for a new vision or strategic direction without so much management time

Participatory Strategic Planning Process Graphic

Strategic Planning Overview

Facilitated Strategic Planning can be accomplished in just a few days with work groups and stakeholders of several hundred participants.

– Generate clarity in a short amount of time

– Infuse the team with a sense of responsibility

– Build practical team consensus

– Surface contradictions that could derail progress in a safe, constructive manner

– Define strategic directions with deep buy-in and commitment

– Clarify next steps and measurable results

Typical Agenda (1 to 2 Day) Includes:

1. Practical Vision

2. Underlying Contradictions

3. Strategic Directions

4. Focused Implementation

Customized Agenda Includes:

1. Competitive Analysis

2. SWOT Analysis

3. Environmental Scan

4. Evaluation Measures

5. Review of Vision, Mission Statements

6. Values and Culture

7. Annual Work Planning, Staff Responsibilities

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