Other Facilitated Planning Solutions

Action Planning GraphicRotatedAction planning is an essential facilitation method that can be used for any event or project planning with a clear beginning and end. Engage your team to ensure follow-through long term with a participative action planning group meeting.


Strategy mapping is a framework and large group process for organizing the most essential goals and objectives from strategic planning using a balanced scorecard approach (across the four dimensions of financial targets, customer value, internal processes/operations, and learning/growth). There are embedded assumptions for each of the four dimensions about the causal relationship or sequencing of events, as illustrated below.

Program evaluation planning using logic models (“logic modeling”) is a tool and large group process for aligning staff and other stakeholders’ focus on results that matter to the customer (program participants or clients) and to funders. It too illustrates a theory of change or relationship between variables, inputs, outputs and outcomes. It is an essential tool to being more strategic about funding and evaluation efforts.