Community Strategic Planning

Are you leading a community-wide strategic planning process and daunted by the meetings, facilitating focused discussion with so many dynamics at play?

Some meetings require a neutral, outside facilitator. We partner with you in designing customized, engaging planning group processes , and in skillfully facilitating discussions with varied stakeholders—from community coalitions, government agencies, philanthropic organizations, and nonprofits. With skillful group process and true consensus, stakeholders can be mobilized to speak with one voice about critical public and environmental health issues, better advance health issues and improve health status together.

Drawing from a variety of group process methods, we skillfully support community planning following NACCHO’s MAPP process or with elements from Asset-Based Community Planning–or a mix of methods–all customized depending on your needs and objectives. We partner with you to facilitate each phase for group consensus across and with the diversity of stakeholders in your community:

– Organizing

–  Visioning

–  Assessment

– Strategic Issues

– Goals/Strategies

– Action Cycle

We see the opportunity to partner as capacity building, and can draw from our evaluation expertise to ensure measurable results.