Board and Team Retreats

What Can Be Accomplished at a Facilitated Board or Team Retreat?

Planning: More collaborative, consensus-driven strategic and tactical planning

  • Examine the mission statement
  • Create a vision and direction for the organization
  • Develop or review the organization’s strategic plan or annual tactical work plans
  • Translate complex plans into one-page strategy maps for aligning the organization, communicating to staff their role in the bigger picture

Teambuilding: Strengthen the team, its capacity to work optimally together

  • Establish roles and responsibilities of board members
  • Solidify and improve board and board-staff relations
  • Analyze, recruit, orient and engage new board members
  • Understand personalities and individual strengths

Conflict resolution: Move through conflict, strengthen peacemaking and conflict resolution skills

  • Identify what conflict is
  • Explore ways to prevent conflict from escalating including managing emotional responses and identifying triggers
  • Assess your conflict mode
  • Learn an 8 step process to resolve conflict
  • Practice conflict resolution tools and skills using scenarios based on personal experience
  • Create a plan for managing conflict situations

Evaluation and performance measurement: Strengthen the organization’s capacity to conduct meaningful program evaluations

  • Understand different types of performance measures
  • Look across your sector and populations served to better partner and evaluate collective impact together
  • Build capacity to demonstrate results, clarify the purpose and audience for the evaluation, resources, methods and more

Whole-Scale Engagement: Engage all stakeholders and community partners in a participative planning, solution search, or process improvement, change readiness-type event

  • Clarify processes for developing and sustaining collaborative teamwork among all project stakeholders.
  • Partnering includes: shared goals, open communication, problem identification and joint problem solving, formal conflict resolution, the evaluation and feedback of team performance, developing a spirit of teamwork and cooperation.
  • Potential benefits include improved project cost and timeliness as well as reduction or elimination of stakeholder conflict, claims and/or litigation.

Change the culture or focus for a board or large cross-section of management

  • Develop a fund-raising or marketing plan with specific board and staff responsibilities
  • Engage the board in broadening the reach of fundraising or marketing efforts
  • Define cultural traditions, behavioral agreements, cultural levers for alignment


Optimize your time together by incorporating other educational offerings in your retreat. Select from the following topics (with a mix of learning activities and educational content):

  • Building Effective Teams
  • Change Resiliency/Navigating Transitions
  • Developing Your People
  • Effective Communication
  • Employee Engagement
  • Providing Feedback Effectively
  • Dealing with Performance Deficiencies
  • Coaching for Results
  • Understanding Personalities (True Colors, Myers-Briggs, Other Tool)
  • Assessing Team Effectiveness
  • Running Effective Meetings