⇒Are you maximizing return on your investments (time, staff talent, space, travel) with group/team/coalition/committee meetings? 
⇒Is your organization ready to bring engagement, creativity, and innovation to a new level with employee input into key decisions that impact them and outcomes that matter for their work?
⇒Is your community of stakeholders ready to focus on issues that matter, ready to engage in dialogue and consensus-building for collective solutions?
Group Facilitation & Participative Decision Making

Group Facilitation & Participative Decision Making

Change Solutions provides skilled, tactful and professional handling of people dynamics amidst the political and social contexts they are functioning or not functioning within.  With our focus on the process and a fluid, dynamic, real-time meeting design that meets the group with its needs as much as possible, participants have the space and focus to concentrate on the task(s) and agenda at hand.

Drawing on extensive experience and advanced training in Technology of Participation (ToP) Methods, Change Acceleration Process (CAP), WorkOut, and a range of large group facilitation methods, we custom design a meeting that realizes results while engaging the human side of change through collaborative experience and shared learning.

What Difference Can a Facilitated Meeting Make

We can work with you to custom design meetings across a range of purposes, from:

– Strategic Planning

– Board Development and Retreats

– Community Dialogue

– Open Forums and Public Involvement Meetings

– Organizational Change Management

– Teambuilding

– Performance Management

– Collective Impact and Systems Evaluation/Results Measurement



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