Values and How We Work

How We Work
We help individual, groups, and organizations…                                   build sustainable change.
We do this by:
  • Assessing the gaps between the current state and the desired future
  • Clearly defining the problem(s) and opportunities, and outlining practical solutions and scopes of work, with clear deliverables and timelines
  • Appreciating and surfacing what IS working
  • Discerning what are the root cause(s) of performance gaps based on objective data, not assumptions
  • Partnering to offer solutions and select options for narrowing performance gaps that managers and leaders can manage and implement with confidence and clarity, not dependency
  • Focusing on what matters and when–based on what an organization can absorb and learn to do differently–at its current stage (or soon-to-be stage) of development/growth and maturity.
Typically, that includes working with groups whom we help by:
  • Facilitating focus, learning, decision making, plans and supported agreements (for workgroups, teams, coalitions, committees, boards, etc.)
  • Listening, creating safety, building trust, holding the space for tension to surface and resolve with skillful guidance, group process, compassion, respect, diplomacy, and neutrality
  • Sharing our positive energy, enthusiasm, courage, humor and support
  • Using leadership and self to stimulate creativity, catalyze change, enhance learning and productivity
  • Drawing on the wisdom, perspectives, and contributions of each person, each team member to create overall success
  • Using interactive learning, dialogue, and participative group process to build understanding and reach decisions
We  help individuals, groups, and organizations                             build sustainable change…
empowered by collaborative methods