About Dr. L. Melanie Chase

“Prac-ademic”…Practical practitioner first (over 20 years of experience), but not an academic in the traditional sense.

Disciplined, strategic, and focused to successfully prevail in a sustained academic pursuit of 5 years (around 1 in 500 around the world have a doctorate).

Organization Development is a broad field, encompassing quality, change management, performance improvement, training and development, curriculum design and testing, assessment design, evaluation, culture change, strategy planning, leadership development, and more. There’s a lot to know, apply, and determine if it’s making any improvement across an organization/system with measurable impact and in terms of business results.

What IS perhaps more rare, is for a Ph.D. to be a:

“True Servant Leader”…Your success is her success.

“Collaborative, focused facilitator and strategic change agent,                                        with the courage (and humility) to lead, follow, and flex.”

Melanie works with diverse groups and organizations across sectors as an organization development/ performance improvement consultant, coach/advisor, trainer and facilitator.  Melanie brings a collaborative consulting style, integrity, focus, humor, mindfulness and results to the people she serves.  Her private practice offers large group facilitation processes that are participative, grounded in the affirmative, in collaboration and learning, and aimed to honor individual, organizational and community development needs and readiness for change.  Her unique mix of organizational development experience, combined with evaluation, allows her to keep the focus on demonstrating measurable results in combination with facilitation, planning, change management and more.

She holds a Ph.D. in education with a concentration in organizational learning, performance and change, Master of Public Administration, and a B.S. in sociology (Colorado State University and Arizona State University, respectively). She has received extensive training in mediation and facilitation from the City of Beaverton, Oregon, Portland Community College, American Society for Quality, Institute for Cultural Affairs, Assn. for Quality & Participation, International Association for Public Participation, and others, as well as trained hundreds of facilitators herself in public health.

Melanie resides in Tucson, Arizona, and Portland, Oregon, and works with clients across sectors. She enjoys working with mission- and community-focused organizations who serve and impact the community. She loves exploring, hiking;  biking, the arts, and meeting new people (and dogs).

Sampling and Scope of Experience:

Organizational Change

  • Change Management: Design and implement interventions around culture change, employee engagement, leadership alignment, stakeholder management (experienced with Prosci and GE CAP and WorkOut methodologies).
  • Major Transformational and Developmental Change: Lead and facilitate project and cross-organizational teams for culture change, including change management, communications and training, including: key product inventory control system (5,800 employee hospital), outcomes-based budgeting (municipal government), competency-based staff development/learning for a corporate university (utility), and for electronic health records IT implementation with virtual teams (45,000 employee healthcare system), facilitated strategic planning and alignment after merger/acquisition (international computer peripherals manufacturer/developer); mobilized key stakeholders and early adopters for establishing standard performance indicators in a decentralized statewide system (state government, public health).
  • Program Management: Develop framework and approach to change management, organizational development, and workforce development programs/system-wide initiatives; managed organization-wide healthcare quality award application initiative with 8 cross-organizational teams and senior level leaders.
  • Organizational/Needs Assessments: Develop surveys, administer, and prepare data analyses and deliver results/presentations appropriate to audiences; administered employee engagement surveys, compiled results, disseminated into Cognos for ease of use by managers.
  • Performance Improvement/OD Advisement: Design and facilitate interventions to improve processes, performance, and advance organizational transformation initiatives.
  • Project Management: Managed Malcolm Baldrige national quality award (MBNQA) org.-wide operational excellence project (healthcare, 5800 employee system) and other organization-wide initiatives (see above).


  • Coaching: Coach middle management team and leaders in navigating organizational change and more; coach individual clients in career/life changes.

Teams and Groups:

  • Team/Committee Development: Facilitate team charters and other foundational agreements; skilled with a variety of group facilitation methods and assessments; introduce team development content to cross-organizational teams.
  • Group Process Facilitation: Design large-scale group processes to achieve multiple rational and experiential objectives and outcomes with diverse groups from 6 to 125, including international participants; planned and managed large events for public involvement, stakeholder planning, organizational change implementation, etc.

Training, Curriculum Design, Program Management

  • Leadership Development: Guided the development of a competency-based leadership development program and staff development corporate university, including assessment tools, screening, selection, retention methods, development programming, and evaluation methods; well-grounded in best practices.
  • Curriculum Development/Delivery: Develop content and facilitate training workshops/seminars on collaborative change methods including Change Acceleration Process (CAP) and WorkOut tools (change management), Management and Leadership Development subject areas such as facilitation skills, strategic planning, program/outcome evaluation, situational leadership, supervisory skills, effective organizations, org. culture/change and more designed for adult learners.
  • Workforce/Professional Development: Facilitated input from multiple stakeholders for the development, validation of competencies to support career development and succession planning.

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