About Change Solutions

Change Solutions works with individuals, groups and organizations

 in one guiding purpose:

Build sustainable change and effectiveness

We do this by designing and facilitating customized performance improvement and development solutions empowered by collaborative methods (involving listening, respect, learning, participation, and dialogue). We do this because we know that change happens and lasts when people support the solutions they help to create or refine, since they are closest to the source of problems, opportunities, and performance gaps; people are the source of empowered and capable action, and combined with process and aligned, reinforcing systems, the source of sustainable change.

We Work With:

Individuals: Leaders, with or without direct reports, for coaching, advising, and strategizing on approaches to build greater influence and support for change with proven, practical change management tools, plans and involvement/engagement methods.

Groups: Community groups, boards and commissions, executive teams, workgroups and more to build a solid foundation for working together, to clarify roles/responsibilities, appreciate differences and leverage strengths, strengthen communication, facilitate group decision making by consensus (voting, or understanding and compliance); and to realize results that matter long after the group meetings are a memory.

Organizations: From large, complex organizations to small nonprofits and community public involvement stakeholder meetings with a diverse mix of organizations, we are a partner in realizing desired results grounded in the realities of today’s performance gaps, their root cause, and the true needs to narrow those gaps.

Why We Do This Work:

Change is the only constant. Organizations and communities don’t change, the hearts and minds of individual people within them do when they learn with and from each other. Systems either enable change or force the re-emergence of the status quo; forces are either competing or cooperating. We disrupt those forces with cooperative balance, the power of collaboration and learning.

In partnership, we take a whole systems view, based on an objective and pragmatic assessment of where you are today, to help you and your organization (community, group, team, etc.) realize where you want to be tomorrow.

Informed by priorities, practical realities, business results and objective data, together, we explore options and solutions that are realistic for this next stage of development and effectiveness.

Continuous improvement grounded in learning and collaboration.
Expect different results.

In these transitional times with the pace and complexity of change accelerating,  we offer focused, proven, practical solutions based on considerable experience, research and best practices.

We make change more sustainable with less pain and more positive, practical results.


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